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About Us

Empowering Your Path to Mental Wellness

Because everyone deserves a journey filled with hope

Our Beginning

​Avery's Mental Health was established in 2019. The name of the business is in memory of the CEO's brother who died at such a young age. He too dealt with mental illness but in silence. Avery's Mental Health is determined to assist individuals in breaking the silence and normalizing mental healthcare. We aim to provide a place where every individual's journey is at the center of everything we do. We are a telehealth only company providing mental and behavioral healthcare from the comfort of your home.  


Our Philosophy

We value each individual ensuring they receive the care they deserve. We believe in collaborating with our patients, taking their feedback seriously at every step. When you choose us, we see you as a unique person, not just a case.  

Our Team.

As you begin your journey as a new client with Avery's, you are also gaining a new family.  We proudly call ourselves a family because we all share a common goal to treat our clients like family as we model our core values: Accountability, Versatility, Efficiency with Respect, to You! We are thankful and excited that you chose to entrust us with your peace of mind. Our goal is to bring quality mental healthcare into the homes of our community!

Let’s Work Together

We understand that finding quality and unbiased mental healthcare can be overwhelming. Often times you have questions about things and not know who to turn to for answers. 

Avery's Mental Health can help!

Don’t navigate the issues of Mental illnesses alone. We’re here to listen and provide you with the support, advice and peace of mind you need to take back your life. Not just because it’s our business. But because we believe it’s our calling.

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